Keep frozen foods within arms reach to make food prep quicker and the use of your kitchen space more efficient, with an undercounter freezer
Whether you put your undercounter freezer near your cooking line or in your serving station, an undercounter freezer is a great way to keep commonly used frozen items within close proximity of your employees, improving staff efficiency as well as the efficiency of your kitchen space. Consider what you will store in the freezer, as well as available space for clearance, when choosing the right model of undercounter freezer for your business.
You can choose from models with either one or two swing out doors, or two or four pull out drawers. Drawer access is popular for use with pans of food and as such works especially well for easier ingredient access for chefs while cooking without having to open up boxes of food. Drawers also work better in tight spaces than swing out doors, since they can be opened just a bit as opposed to having to have adequate clearance for a swing out door. Swing out door models work well with boxed or packaged foods. Smaller areas can accommodate a one door swing out model, while larger areas can host two door models, which swing in opposite directions and as such open extra wide to fit especially large items.
You will find some models of undercounter freezers that include a worktop that functions in the same manner as a counter. These units, instead of sliding under an existing counter, provide additional counter space and act as a stand alone unit, many of which even include a backsplash. 
Compressor location is something to consider when you are researching which undercounter freezer to purchase. You can choose from either side-mounted compressors, or back-mounted compressors. With a back-mounted compressor you will have less storage capacity since that space is taken up by the compressor, but overall models with back-mounted compressors are smaller and take up less space. Models that include side-mounted compressors are a bit wider, with exhaust either in the front or on one of the sides. With side exhaust the unit will require space to adequately function. 
Whatever your space requirements, storage capacity needs, or budget, at you will find the perfect undercounter freezer for your unique business. Choose from a wide range of the best brands all with our lowest price guarantee, free freight on everything, and 32 years of quality as an authorized dealer.

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